Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time for a Break

Things have been busy, busy, busy lately, and I think it's time for a break! Unfortunately, we're not going anywhere for a bit, but I spent a very happy hour last night clicking away through the awesome listings on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Boutique and Luxury Hotel Specialists website. Won't you join me in one of these gorgeous hotels in the Maldives?

Huvafen Fushi: 

It's probably more likely that I could meet you for a drink in New York. How about the Greenwich Hotel...

In reality, I'll be going to see the baby giraffe at the Bronx Zoo...

Maybe we'll finish the day with a Friendlys sundae


Elle said...

I love this! I will join you:) I need a break right about now. So beautiful.

P.S. No luck with the Google search but I did e-mail romp.

Struggler said...

Awww, the baby giraffe is so cute and I'm sure will bring a smile to your face.
If it's any consolation, I was lucky enough to visit the Maldives (cheap deal while working for an airline) and some of the islands are too small to have a pool... which means, when the tide goes out (and believe me, it really goes!), you can't swim and it gets pretty hot and sticky.
Not that I'd turn down a trip right now!