Thursday, January 27, 2011

Font Style

When I see certain fonts, they just speak to me, and I will know exactly what type of project they would be perfect for. Some are used sparingly, because they're a little trendy, and will get outdated quickly. Others are timeless classics that I use almost everyday. So, as I've been bemoaning yet another snowstorm and wistfully eyeing spring fashions, I thought it would be fun demonstrate font styles compared with fashion styles. Here are two "looks".

Dollhouse...a fun, flirty, trendy font. The project would be young and spirited. Here's an outfit to match:

Canterbury OldStyle...a classic style which reminds me of an upscale cruise to the South of France. The outfit to match:

As another snowstorm is happening outside, I assume we'll be stuck inside again tomorrow messing up the house which seems to be the norm these days. I also expect to be sick as Jake threw up all over me and most of the living room multiple times when we came home today. Stanley Steamer can not possibly get here fast enough!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Making of a Fairy Queen

I've been working on a new Fairy Fold-Out Playset which will be similar to this project I worked on last year:

I've commissioned illustrator, Amy Saidens to create the art for the project, and we've been working on pulling together all the illustrations and characters. The project includes three fold-out scenes, and many fairy paper dolls and clothes to dress them up. One of the characters we asked her to create was a Fairy Queen. 

The first fairy she sent looked like this:

Too young I thought...too trendy. I asked Amy to try again, so she changed the fairy's hair to brown.

Hmmm, still not right. Too young, too much like the other fairies in the book. Too trendy. This fairy needs to look older, and more classic. Time to give a visual of what I'm looking for. So, I grabbed a Hollywood glam hair-do off the web, and added it to Amy's illustration in Photoshop. I also curved her figure a bit, and changed the leotard to a form-fitting dress. I suggested adding a little gray/white streaks to the fairy's hair as well.

Then, Amy reminded me that if she did this, the Fairy Queen's glam hair would be covered once the clothes were added, so she came up with this...

Perfect! Now we have a Fairy Queen! One of the trickiest things about creating a paper doll book like this, is ensuring that all the clothes will fit each doll properly, and be able to be attached in such a way that they don't fall off the doll once the user puts them on. (How frustrating is have your paper doll's clothes fall off!?!?!). This is easier to check, and alter if necessary when the art is created digitally, but for a few of the projects like this I've worked on, the art has been created by hand w/ watercolors. Not only is the intricacy of the art difficult to reproduce, but if the clothes don't fit exactly right, I end up having to clone them in Photoshop which is absolutely beastly! The Princess project above was one such project, although, in the end, I think the results are really cute! Hopefully some little girl out there will think so too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday (to Doodlebuds)

I seem to have forgotten my blogabirthday! Jan. 10, two years ago, I started this blog! I started off posting almost everyday, and still enjoy going back and re-reading some of my earlier posts. As my child started to go to bed later and later, the posts tapered off a bit, but perhaps I'll have some more surprises in store for you this year!

Thanks for's been fun getting to meet new blog friends, and I appreciate your support!

P.S. I'm still wondering when children (and husbands) sleep through the night. Do they? Ever?

(image ©Magnolia of my favorites!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Morning!

2009 Southern Living Texas Idea House Dining Room
Wouldn't this be a lovely little kitchen nook to have breakfast in everyday? The rest of the house is fun and colorful as well. It was done for Southern Living's Texas idea house. To see more, take a look here!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got Friends?

Hi folks, and Happy New Year! Life has been a little busy/post-holiday crazy lately, and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things...which will hopefully include a little more blogging! I find, when I don't blog, I draw an absolute blank when it comes to posting new things. I'll have to get on a roll! (Resolution #217...)

So...what do the following lovely rooms/gorgeous views have in common??? Scroll through, enjoy, and see for yourself!


(Mougins, France)


(Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy)


(Riviera Maya, Mexico)


(Mykonos, Greece)...I really just included this one because I love the painting in the back!)

OK...the wonderful thing that all these lovely photos have in common is that they can all be rented! We've been talking about going on a vacation, and of course in all my internet searchings, I came across the Luxury Retreats website, and it's just a feast for your wanderlust eyes! We keep saying...well, if we could just get a few people together...we might just be able to...

Anyone want to join us? Somewhere? Anywhere? Before the next major snowfall preferably?