Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing like a new pack of crayons

I keep introducing Jake to various drawing/painting supplies which he has found very tasty. We have about a 50/50 ratio to what gets put on paper (or close to it), and what gets put in his mouth. I was happy to come across these amazing looking, kid-friendly crayon stones in the latest issue of Cookie Magazine. They're made with soy wax and colored with non-toxic mineral powder. I know he'll learn to appreciate a fresh box of crayons as much as I do, but in the meantime, these stones may be our best bet.

I'm sure Jake would enjoy tasting some fun-shaped ninja star crayons and frog crayons as well!

For me...perhaps some Crayon scented perfume?


Gary Heller said...

Ha, i was pretty much like Jake when it came to using things for their intended use and uh, eating them.
i loved the fresh scent of wax and cardboard combined when opening a new box of crayons and I for some reason enjoyed the smell and taste of Elmers Glue!
Good going mom. I bet Jake will be quite the artist someday thanks to your getting him involved with these great experiences and ideas from early on

annechovie said...

I used to love my 48 pack of Crayola Crayons...just couldn't beat them!

Elle said...

You Rock! Thank you-Thank you for this recommendation. I'm just really sad...I went to order the crayon stones for my girls and they don't have any in stock. Argh!

Melinda said...

Gotta smell that Crayon perfume, though for the life of me I can't figure out why you'd like to smell like one...and attract hordes of small children to you instead of hordes of attractive men??