Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm thinking of renovating

Wouldn't it be great to have a slide like this in your house! Imagine the fun!

(Thanks for the link Keri! I'm calling the handyman tomorrow!

Friday, August 13, 2010

How do you play with your kids?

I'm not going into my feelings about tv, or how much "tv face" on a child frightens me. BUT, Jake's sudden interest in tv has got me thinking. One of my main concerns about it is that it's passive learning. While watching a "Little Bear" episode the other day, Little Bear made a kite with his father (or grandfather?). So, I decided that we should make our own kites, and he could see how it was done. He had fun "helping," and then we ran around and "flew" them in our backyard. It was very simple and so much fun!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Isn't this print by Julia Pott darling? I've been looking for a print for Jake's/the guest background...something he would think is fun, but wouldn't be too childish. Given the fact that he's still obsessed with Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, I think I may have found a winner!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A less tiny house

OK, so maybe the tiny houses I posted about were a little too tiny for most. I think I made my husband nervous that we might actually be moving into one. BUT, what about this slightly LESS tiny house in southern California which is absolutely adorable, and dreamy to perfection thanks to the design work of Krista Ewart? I first came across in on Cristin's blog, The Simplified Bee, and then had to check out more of the gorgeous photos from House Beautiful where it was originally shown.

This house I could live in. And, because it's smaller, you could choose (like they did), some more costly designer touches (like the Hable Construction fabric used on the couch and pillows, the Whales wallpaper by Walnut Wallpaper used in the child's room, and Jonathan Adler zebra rug). After living in small NYC apartments for over 15 years, I can tell you it's about managing STUFF. You have to really like what you have. I used to judge my purchases less by price and more if they warranted the closet space they were going to take up.

Did I mention we have several dead-ish looking trees surrounding our house? With the weather we had last year and the crazy amount of trees that have fell all over the place (and on people's houses), we're going to have to have them taken down sooner rather than later. I shudder at what this is going to cost. As much as I love our backyard, imagine the savings if it was this size:

Incidentally, in looking over smaller houses and simplified living yesterday, I came across this interesting article about a couple who gave up much of their belongings to live a simple life in a 400 square foot apartment.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Could you live in a tiny house?

On Sunday nights, after cleaning up, paying bills, making sure there are enough clean clothes to get everyone through the week, and trying to organize life SOMEWHAT, I'm sure the thought has occurred to many of you...could you live in a smaller, simpler space? Houses are a LOT to maintain. Some of it's fun (the decorating), and some of it is just not (replacing flooded basements). And, much of it is very expensive and time consuming.

Ten years ago, Jay Shafer, owner of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company decided to take on such simplicity, and built himself a tiny house. His 89-square-foot house helped him to reinvent his lifestyle and career.

After completing his tiny house, he soon began building other tiny houses...his company sells plans for pre-built tiny homes, or pre-constructed homes. His company and lifestyle shifts the perception of simple living.

His houses ARE simple, but they're also really chic, and he spends less than $100 per year on utilities (wouldn't that be great?). His life is the antithesis of excess, and living with less has given him the freedom to pursue his dreams. Look at a recent video of his experience here.

What if you lived IN less, lived WITH less, and SPENT less. What would you get and do in return? With your time? With your extra money? Who would you spend your time with? Where? And how? How would HAVING less, get you MORE?

Tempted? Get a copy of Jay Shafer's book, Tiny Houses and learn how to build your own!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Terrible twos?

In the last month or so, my super sweet little boy, has suddenly turned TWO (despite the fact his birthday was in March). While driving in the car today we discussed why he wasn't going to be able to play with his bubbles for two days.

"Why mom?"
"Well, because you hit Sam with your bubble wand, and that's not nice."
"I only hit him a little bit mom"

And, after visiting friends and intentionally spilling water all over their floor twice, we had the following conversation while taking a time out.

"Jake, we're sitting out here because you spilled water all over the floor and that's not nice."
"I know! My say my sorry!"
"That's right, you will say you're sorry. That was a very naughty thing you did."
"It not naughty! It bad!"

Oh my! I think he's actually enjoying his little "time outs", so I'm not sure what my next tactic will be!

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