Friday, January 29, 2010

The life of a freelance designer

I've worked with many freelance design clients in the past. Most have been beyond terrific to work with, but every now and then, you come across a client that is just not a good "fit". You're just not going to get it right, and I find that if possible, it's best just to cut your losses and move on. I came across this cartoon on a very funny blog called, Business Guys on Business Trips. Take a's going to make you laugh!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Egg Press

I've always gotten a kick out of the cards and stationery products that the folks at Egg Press come up with on their antique letterpress. Their goofy, whimsical style is a fun twist on the traditional letterpress technique. Here are a few of my favorites, and I'm just loving the Valentine's cards! That bear in undies just cracks me up! He reminds me of some lovable bachelor who is trying a little too hard!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I like mice!

After years of detesting mice, I've finally found one I love. One of Jake's new favorites is Maisy (aka, "MiMi"), the creation of author/illustrator Lucy Cousins. This little mouse, and the brightly colored artwork is just perfect, and the books are so well targeted to the toddler age group.

Lucy Cousins says, "I draw by heart, I think of what children would like by going back to my own child-like instincts." She includes concepts that are parts of a child's everyday experience such as colors, numbers, friends, schools, toys, and sharing. They're bright, and happy and I think I'm enjoying these books as much as Jake is! We printed out several of the coloring pages from Maisy's Fan Club website, and Jake proudly took them into daycare today.

I'm excited that Maisy's Train will be out in time for Jake's birthday! (Maisy's birthday is Febuary 10!).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Poster by Erin Jane Shop

My poor sister is TRYING to finish three new board books that she wrote and is illustrating. She's under a tight deadline, and of course, this is when everything goes wrong. My brother-in-law had fairly simple knee surgery....which then got sore/swollen/infected/late-night-night-trip-to-the-emergency-room (so not so simple). The kids have been sick, out of school, and she has to have minor surgery herself next week. 

How do blogger friends, stay sane, and somewhat positive when everything hits the fan at once? Inquiring sisters need to know!

Here's a tiny (unauthorized) sneak peek of the one of the books she's working on (HELLO, VERMONT) cute, right?

And, P.S., here's another (blurry) sneak peek of what our playdate was like today. I have an artistic show-off on my hands!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Poor Haiti

So much sadness has fallen upon these poor people. When a tragedy such as this happens, I feel so helpless if the face of such overwhelming sadness. There are many organizations to which you can donate money, and many Etsy sellers are featuring special donations. I discovered from my lovely fellow blogger Kim at The TomKat Studio, that you can actually TEXT in a donation to The Red Cross. To do that, simply follow these instructions...

Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10.oo
Your donation will be added directly to your phone bill.

See the Red Cross website for more info.

Could they have made it any easier?

Above doll from Blossom Babies. $50 from the purchase of each doll will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Another noble blogging friend Cristin from Simplified Bee is donating $1.00 per comment (up to 100 comments) on her website. To leave your comment, (and to check out her amazingly fun-to-read blog) here!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Doodlebuds!

I can't believe I skipped Doodlebud's first birthday! Thank you to all the wonderful friends and fellow bloggers I've met along the way. Your comments, tips, tricks, and new-found friendship have become such a terrific source of inspiration to me. I'm always amazed at the new talent and ideas I find through fellow bloggers almost everyday. 

Blogging is a lot tougher than it looks! It takes a lot of time and dedication to post frequently, and often overcome a sense of bloggers block. I wish I had some more time to pour into this blog, and give it a little more focus. On some days, I'm still not quite sure what direction this blog will take, but it includes the things that are of interest to me, and I hope that I might occasionally inspire you as well!

So, a very big thank you to all of you who have inspired me and been so sweet!

Image © Bakerella 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meri Meri!

I was shopping in AI Friedman today and kept coming across the most darling stationery sets from the Meri Meri. Each one was cuter than the next. They're known for their special cut-out shapes and add-ons that they put on their product which gives the items a lovely hand-made feel. I had never noticed that they were creating paper products for kids parties, and I really loved their pirate and princess centerpieces that came with their party cute!

Take a look at these cute items, and you'll fall in love with them too!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Peas please

Perhaps we've taken one too many trips to McDonald's lately (they DO sell apple slices you know!), but when I came across these tasty looking treats from Peas of Mind, I became even more convinced that my family needs to go on a New Year's health kick. The "veggie wedgies" come in all different flavors like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and baked apples. Unfortunately, they don't sell them near us, but I'll be looking for something similar!

Here's to a healthy new year!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good night

I've been staring at the Pottery Barn bedding section lately, flipping through, trying to decide on my favorites. Somehow, Pottery Barn always gets it right. Sometimes (I personally think), that their quality can be a little iffy for the price, but something...perhaps how easy they make it...keeps me coming back time and again. As a designer, I always feel like it's cheating...should it be this easy? Just click and order, and you've got an entirely decorated room? But, I have to say, the new patterns and quilts they're showing are gorgeous, and the "Cloud Quilt" is just about the snuggliest thing ever (I saw it recently in the store!)

If you look closely at some of the photos, you'll see these great curtains or window treatments in the background. Unfortunately (as far as I can tell), they don't offer them, but I'm assuming they made them out of extra duvet covers or sheets...

These are cute too, perhaps just regular roman shades with some trim attached:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hats off!

Isn't this the cutest hat ever? Jake got it as an early birthday present from his little buddy Quinn. It's soft and polar fleecy inside and he actually wears it which is monumental! You can get one just like it from Nirvanna Designs. Or perhaps you'd like to get...

A bear...

Or an owl...

Or a kitty...

A train ride through NYC

Last weekend, we took a little trip to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the wonderful Holiday Train Show on exhibit (for just a few more days!). The trains chug their way through exquisite replicas of NY buildings and structures which are made of natural materials in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. The buildings, bridges and landmarks are made using leaves, berries, twigs, name it! It's just wonderful, Jake loved it...and he didn't try to climb into any of the exhibits, so according to this relieved mom...the outing was a success!

Here are a few of the highlights...

The Guggenheim Museum:
The lighthouse under the GW Bridge:
The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at the NY Botanical Gardens (the building the Holiday Train Show is housed in):
The New York Public Library (note the cute lions on either side of the stairs):

The old Penn Station (said to be even more grand than the current Grand Central Station):

The angels at Rockefeller Center:

The Museum of Natural History:

Close up...I love the way they've created the letters out of twigs. It would make a great new font, wouldn't it?:

The old Yankee Stadium:

Jake especially liked the Gingerbread House in the Children's Garden: