Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye Daddy's Ties

How cool is this Tie-Die Easter Egg Kit? You transfer the designs of neckties ONTO EASTER EGGS! I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind if we sacrificed a few of his ties for the project (would he?). Actually, the kit comes with recycled ties to use and are supposedly "deceptively simple" to make.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Easter Bunny

Jake is quite convinced that the Easter Bunny is going to bring him a "pooople squirt bottle". It could have been something I said, but I don't think I mentioned the color "pooople". Now we'll have to be on the look out for such an item...

I've never considered writing a letter to the Easter Bunny, but perhaps we should send him one of these lovely cards (just in case he was planning on bringing something ordinary like jelly beans!)

The first four are from one of my favorite card companies, Great Arrow Graphics. The hand silk-screened cards have such bright vivid graphics that really stand out...I love almost everyone that they produce! The company started in 1984 in an old car warehouse in Buffalo. The building went from cars to cards!

Rising to new heights

My husband and I spent a large part of the day messing up our basement stairs. It's suddenly become an "urgent" project, because we are having the basement carpet installed on Wednesday, and they are going to put a runner down the stairs. The stairs are just not attractive. We first decided a nice coat of dark stain would do the trick, but it didn't cover up the pre-existing mess of old paint stains, uneven coloring, dents, old nail get the idea. We've (I've) now decided it just needs to be painted...simple (sort of?), clean and classic, black and white.

If I had more than about 30 seconds for this home project, I would love to do something incredibly fun like some of these inspiring examples I found tonight in a last minute search. But with only 2 busy days to go...and without time to even buy the paint (I'm having my wonderful handyman pick some up for me)...I think we'll just err on the side of basic.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My friends, I've been busy

Remember how I said I've been so busy, that I've been uninspired to blog? Well, when I look back on the photos I've taken in the last month, I have to say, that instead of uninspired, I have just been too busy. Here's a "snapshot" of our month, and what we've been up to...

Renovating our sunroom/playroom. These photos were when it was still in progress. I'm happy to say, the room is almost "done" (as "done" as any room ever is!). I'll post some more final photos when I get the room on a clean day (and when I catch up):

And, then in the middle of it all, it snowed 2 ft., ripped our power lines down, and we were without power for 4 days:

The basement: I've been making sure the basement WILL NEVER LEAK/FLOOD/COME IN CONTACT WITH ANY MOISTURE AGAIN...(truthfully, I couldn't have done this without our wonderful handyman!) It's been an on-going process, but we've almost got it! Then, we'll be on to the fun part of finishing it up!

And, we've had Jake's great birthday party with fun music teacher...

And, made Elmo pops inspired by Bakerella...

And re-decorating our dining room to accomodate 2-year-olds (and no, I didn't care that it was a lot of work, or if they made a mess, we loved it!)

Organizing and re-decorating my office (perhaps I should just take on one project at a time?). My husband had an AMAZING burst of organizational energy one night and initiated organizing all the papers that have piled up since the basement flood. I then was able to organize all our file cabinets and label everything (bliss!)...

The shelves were painted w/ blue backs (Benjamin Moore Harbor color):

And, I've been looking for the perfect rug for my office. I love this one that I ordered, but finally had to admit defeat, and it's going back. As much as I love it, it's the wrong size. The larger one might work, but I just don't have the energy to send another rug back if it doesn't. For now. We'll see. (It IS really nice, isn't it?)

AND, I've been pushing this little guy SUPER HIGH whenever I get the chance...

And making sure he doesn't land on his head (well, most of the time!)

What have you been up to friends?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Duds

I took a quick shopping trip today to see if I could find a cute outfit for Jake for two Easter festivities that we're looking forward to. As I've mentioned, it's tough to find cute boys clothes (especially when I didn't plan too far ahead!). I bought a cute (but perhaps too preppy) tie and button down shirt from The Children's Place (unfortunately, no photos on-line). If I'd had more time, I would have ordered one of these cute ties from The Belle and The Beau.

I dressed Jake up in his new outfit tonight when I got home (because how could I resist?), and he looked like he was going off to boarding school! I got a little choked up at how big he's getting!

Personally, I much prefer him in this get-up (of his choosing!):

Perhaps if it rains on Easter, we'll just wear the "Duggah" (digger) raincoat, and Curious George boots!

Hi Friends

I've been busy! Lots of projects, and not much extra blogging time. I find when I'm in the middle of several projects I'm less inspired to blog, which should really be just the opposite!

This rug is on my mind. I ordered it for my office, and I LOVE it...BUT...I think it's the wrong size for my office. It's just a little too small, and the larger size will probably be just a little TOO big. I haven't decided yet whether I should just live with it, or if it will bug me. It just looks a little off. It's really tough to find rugs you love, so I was so excited to find this one. The colors are bright, but not too bright, and altogether very cheery.

I had a more muted oriental type rug down before that was from my former apartment, but it just lacks the pop of color that this rug adds. What to do???

Friday, March 12, 2010

People think I'm nuts...

I have a tendency to be a bit over ambitious in some of my projects. There are just so many things I WANT to do, and of course, not enough time to do them all. I've been preparing for Jake's birthday party tomorrow, and when I saw these cute "cake pops" at Bakerella (this woman is a baking genius!), I knew I had to make them. Jake is my one and only child, and I want to enjoy every part of it. So, if it means making Elmo cake balls because I know he'll be thrilled, that's fine with me!

Jake's party has turned into an all day extravaganza. We're having a "music" party for 8 of his little buddies tomorrow morning, followed by a family party in the afternoon. He's going to be so excited when the music teacher from his daycare shows up at our house! I decided not to force a "theme" on this party, and just to include everything I know he likes...monkeys, Elmo, music, and Maisy. I fell short on making him a t-shirt with a big 2 on it (my husband said it was dorky anyway), and I also fell short on making a Maisy the Mouse cake for the family party.

Despite not completing these things, I did make drapes for the living room, and I do have an organzied office (Cristin, I know you'll be proud!), with organized, labelled files, and my desktop will be clear by tomorrow morning.

Let the games begin!
Have a great weekend everyone, this party animal is going to bed!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Party coming up!

Jake is turning two this week, and we're having a "music" party for some of his little friends next weekend (which I couldn't be more excited about)! I'm torn between using the music "theme" on the decorations and cupcakes, or just going for Elmo/Maisy the Mouse as an idea. I used a monkey holding maracas on the invite which could be cute, but IS his party, so I think Elmo or Maisy will win! These balloons would look adorable as monkeys though...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glowing Gummi Bears

I really think that candy is one of the coolest things about being an adult (I still can't quite believe I can now have candy whenever I want). So, of course, when I noticed a link on Daily Candy featuring this cool Gummi Bear Chandelier by Jellio, I had to take a closer look. Isn't it amazing? It's made of approximately 5,500 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears. Only 10 will ever be made.

Jellio creates, "A world of fun childhood memories brought back as unique home furnishings". I'm not sure they'd fit in my home, but I do love the playfulness of these designs...and they do bring back many fond memories!

Take a look at some of their custom projects here!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's up with Curious?

I know I've been mentioning a lot about Jake lately, but I'm just crazy in love with this little guy, and we've been spending a lot of time together...especially since (due to a huge snowstorm), we were without power for FOUR DAYS!!! (So much for organizing my office!)

Jake loves to read, and I'm a big fan of starting off loving books early. After reading a few favorites about 500 times, I thought it was time to kick it up a notch and bought him a few new books, including Curious George Rides a Bike. He amazed me by pointing out that "EE-EE (that would be Curious George) no have tail!"

Did you ever notice Curious George was missing a tail? Could this be the hugest illustration oversight of all times??? Thoughts anyone?

Images from PBS Kids, and B&N.