Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time flies

Now that Jake is talking exponentially more and more each day, I've learned the three little (cute) words that are sure to add at least 10 minutes to getting where we need to go...

"NO! Me do"

1. Modern Wall Clock by Pilot Design, 2. Locket by Angela's Studio 1; 3. Watching Time print by Tracey Capone Photo, 4. Children's Wall Clock by Kona Interiors, 5. Print by Lake Illustration

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I got a note!

Jake's little buddy Sofia had a party at an arts and crafts place last weekend. She's the type of girl I want him to fall in love with (someday). She's nice to his mom and always gives me hugs. And, she shares with him and gives him happy greetings when he walks into daycare.

At the party, Jake started working on a note. I've waited my whole life for a note from my child, so even though I don't think the note was intended for me, I kept it anyway.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry friends, I seem to have fallen into a state of bloggers block. Partly due to coming down w/ strep throat and falling behind w/ things, AND partly due to the state of chaos that our house seems to be in due to our basement reconstruction. It's hard for me to think and be creative in the middle of a mess sometimes!

However, times like this can force you into getting motivated, and as I look around my messy office (that has junk from the basement in it!) I'm thinking it's TIME to get this sorted out. I've found some great fabric from Maine Cottage that I'm going to make some window treatments with, and have found some cute coordinating magazine holders and boxes that I think will tie everything together.

I love these boxes for storing Jake's art and special papers that he comes home from daycare with. Even if I can't keep up w/ a scrapbook for him at the moment, I figure if I can jut get it into a cute box, that's half the battle!

I know once our basement is finished that it will make a big difference, and I just need to be patient, but it's been a frustrating, dusty procedure!

Boxes and magazine holders from See Jane Work
Mousepad from Galison
Fabric from Maine Cottage

Friday, February 12, 2010

Treats for my sweet boys

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Here are the two perfect Valentine's Day treats for my son and husband...the donuts seem obtainable, but Jake might have to wait for a burst of energy from me to make these choo choo cupcakes!

Cupcakes from Disney Family Fun.
Donuts from Zimbio.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Dangerous Thing

Let me must say, that sitting next to a bag of Hershy's Kisses as you're trying to work is a very dangerous thing. My apologies go out to my husband, because they are (were) his.

Remember our basement flood? Well, more water got in, and we now have a team of men jack hammering the floor of the basement to put "French drains" in. I'm sitting in a clouded, dusty house while designing two gift books. This is going to be one crazy clean up job. I'm stressed, because I need it all to be done, clean, and debris filled by 6:00 when Jake gets home with his grandmother. No wonder I've had about 20 kisses. I think I need more!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warm weather please!

Around this time of year, I start getting antsy w/ the cold weather keeping me (us) indoors and my thoughts keep straying south. If you google "perfect beach house" (because sometimes you just have to google things like that), you might just stumble across some of these lovely homes I found on this neat blog: Trendir Modern House Designs. What a find! This will keep me busy for awhile!

(Above house in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Here we are in Mexico:
Encinal Bluff, Pacific Coast, Malibu:

Coromandel, New Zealand:
Tatapouri Point, New Zealand.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm sorry I forgot your birthday

I'm guilty. I have a tough time remembering birthdays and I really WANT to be one of those people (like my aunt) who remembers everyone's birthday, anniversary, special occasion and has the card in the mail 4 days ahead of time. I've tried buying those birthday books (I've even designed a few in my career), but then I never remember to look at them. AND, I've even bought the perfect card for the perfect person, and then not mailed it. (Sorry Liz).

So, I've discovered this cool card company called Jack Cards. You sign up and enter all the dates you'd like to remember (ok, initial time to set up... it might take the back burner for the moment), but then, the fun select your cards (they have a ton), and then they'll send you a pre-addressed, stamped card to send so you can sign your name and write a note or two, and then YOU just pop it in the mail! And, did I mention? Membership is free (cards are not).

So, Happy Belated Birthday Melinda!

Monday, February 1, 2010

End Table Challenge

I've been on a search for some airy end tables that would work in our den/playroom. I love the Durham end tables from Ballard Designs, but they're fairly huge at 28" square. I'll give a free box of thank you notes to anyone who can help me find similar ones for a similar price!