Monday, November 12, 2012

Why am I so stressed?

They say with times of trouble come great insight and learning, and I did try to embrace this philosophy (a bit) during our 10 day power outage thanks to Sandy. In some ways I succeeded...remain calm, keep the child cheerful, treat it like an adventure, take showers at the Y,  etc, etc, etc. HOWEVER, it was really stressful, and I ended up exploding about 4 minutes after the power finally came on 10 days later. It's hard to try to maintain your normal life/responsibilities when you are coming home to a dark house, worrying about the heat, and food, and everything else. So, I learned I can be calm under pressure...until it all bubbles out after.

After several days of the power back on, the house is almost back to normal, the trees all over our yard should be removed today, and Jake is feeling much more happy (as we all are). So, here's a little taste of what it was like for those of you who have asked...ABOVE, two huge oak trees fell on our neighbor's roof. Yikes! I was worried they were going to fall on our bedroom, so we slept downstairs the first night. We had just blown up the air mattress when the power went. We brought Jake's old crib mattress down, but he was SCARED and refused to sleep on it. He  had to be wedged between my husband and I, so I found myself on the crib mattress at 1:30 a.m. Ouch!

We told Jake we were only sleeping downstairs to be EXTRA careful, and that the trees really wouldn't fall on the house. As you can see, we have lost all credibility in that department. He woke up in the morning to this view of the backyard, and trees from the other side of the house on our roof.

This looks terrible, but it was a branchy tree, and I don't think it broke through the roof. The tree guys are here now cutting down the mess, so I'll let you know!
Unfortunately, the cute chalkboard walls I made Jake last summer were on this fence.
There were THREE of these huge trees resting on the road near our house. I sped through each one on my way to work in the morning. You know, because trees resting on power lines are totally normal, and safe.
Thank goodness for superheroes! What would I have done without one? And, I have to say that although my husband did not dress up, he was pretty super during the ordeal as well!