Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Trees

I've come across some really beautiful family trees. I really like the imaginative ways these artists have created unique ways to incorporate family names, photos and/or personal touches.

1. The first is a Martha Stewart DIY craft project. You could add as much, or little as you want to make it look great. I like the idea that it is three-dimensional and includes photos.
2. This colorful print from Etsy store owner Pixel and Post would be perfect for a child's room. Available in different color combinations.
3. This print from Etsy store Simple Sweet Design with beautiful calligraphy, the words "true", "unconditional", "constant", and "love" are incorporated into the tree design.
4. The last is a beautiful custom-made painting by artist Jo Ann Kelly. She works from photos and personal family interests to personalize each painting. 

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. Becca . said...

Thank you! I love designing blogs. :)

I LOVE these family trees! What great finds. The last one is amazing!