Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Downstairs Bathroom

It looked like photo #1 when we moved in. Peach on top, and ick Girl Scout green on the bottom. Why on earth! 

Last summer, in a burst of energy, I decided it would be "fun" to paint it the color of "juice" (photo #2). It's not fun. It literally GLOWS and creates really weird light IN the bathroom. I never even bothered to take the blue tape from around the edges because I knew it wouldn't be lasting.

Now I'm getting another burst of energy, and a real need for a sense of accomplishment. It's small...it could be painted in a day. And tomorrow FINALLY I have a day.

So, I have 2 ideas. The easiest is to paint it a light blue-ish teal color. I've got some extra quarts of paint lying around, and I think they would work (must first prime the awful juice color first). If I do this, I'll hang this cool silkscreen print (phots #3) I bought several years ago at one of the cool art galleries in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria VA. Unfortunately, I can't read the name of the artist on the print, but would be curious to see more of his/her work.

The second idea is more time consuming...which my sister has told me means that it should be completely ruled out because time is something I don't have a lot of right now. But, could be fun. It would be using the new wallpaper (photo #4) from Anthropologie. I think I would make a white roman shade with blue trim based on photo #5 that Jenny from the Little Green Notebook blog wrote about in her inspiring post about window treatments.

Decisions, decisions...

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