Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Upside of Awfulness

When Jake was just 5 weeks old, our house was robbed. Awful, awful, awful. Thankfully, we were fine. Jake and I had just been on one of our first longer outings when I came home and realized what had happened. It sucked. Awkward new mom, recovering from a c-section, in a new neighborhood where we didn't know that many people. Almost all my jewelry was stolen, laptop, and various cameras, etc. It was a total pain in the @#$$. Police, finger-printing, mess, insurance huge-time-sucking-hassle.

But I digress.

The upside is, that it caused me to get rid of many of the boxes still unpacked in our house...forcing me to move further in, AND, now I have some money to buy jewelry. Except I really don't because it seems so decadent to buy it for myself, and kind of selfish in these troubled economic times. 

But I will. In the meantime, I have received lots of nice presents from family and friends!
Above is a necklace I love that I found on Etsy by Bijoux d'Odalisque. I have the Etsy shop marked as a favorite seller, and I like to visit it often. There were many more great things posted before Xmas, but perhaps sales were good, so they're restocking! 

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Holly said...

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Great blog Heather!