Monday, January 19, 2009

A Moment to Remember!

Tomorrow will mark one of the most memorable days in American history, as Barack Obama becomes our 44th president of the United States. Three cheers for him! It's definitely time for a change, and I think he is such a hopeful choice. He seems like a nice, normal, honest guy who, in my humble opinion, typifies the ideals that built this hard, and you can achieve your dreams. He seems to want good things for OTHERS as well. His kids, OUR kids, the country. He's modern, he's normal, I feel like I could have gone to college with him. He makes me feel proud to be an American.

And, I must say from a purely design perspective, the posters I've seen that people have created on his behalf are great. I wish I had collected some! LA street artist Shepard Fairey who has been known for putting his art in unlikely, and occasionally illegal places, is the creator of THE poster that seems to have become an icon for the Obama campaign. His limited edition prints sold out on his website in minutes. Read about it here.

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