Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not that anyone ASKED me but...

I've seen a lot of posts today about what interior design changes Michelle Obama might make to the White House. To help her out, I've created this inspiration board for their bedroom. I think it's a fresher, more modern look that would suit them much better than the Kennedy or Regan bedrooms (first, and second above) that I found on Hatch, the Design Public blog.

The curtains could be custom made w/ a box pleat, and perhaps a cornice on top. The lovely painting by Wayne Thiebaud could hang between the windows. Another really large painting (perhaps something of Chicago?) could hang above the bed. Walls would be painted bluey gray on top, and cream-ish on the bottom. The icky carpeting in the above photos could be replaced w/ hard wood floors w/ an area rug. End tables, and a nice comfy bed with fluffy pillows could create a relaxing evening after running the country and doing good deeds.

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Ruth Dynamite said...

Would you re-design MY bedroom?

I love your ideas!