Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another bedtime favorite

Jake's friend, Jared gave him this great toy from Fisher Price, and it plays the most pleasant lullabies. I always turn it on when I put Jake to bed, which makes for a nice distraction as I leave the room. It's face lights up as it plays. One night, I heard music coming from Jake's room, and realized he had fallen asleep on top of Glo, so both Jake and Glo were...glowing. Be still my heart!


Susan said...

My son loves this too! It's an odd little toy, but very lovable!

For Your Inspiration said...

Hi! I'm browsing your blog through BYW and had to say that the glowworm was a lifesaver for my husband and I during our daughter's first year. For about 3 months it was the one and only thing that would make her stop crying, I kid you not.

Love the look of your blog!