Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monkey Blanket!

It seems that Jake has a favorite security blanket...monkey blanket! I bought it for him before he was born, so I have to say I'm pretty happy it's become the "chosen" one. Unfortunately, monkey blanket becomes quite stinky quickly, so we realized we needed back up. We went back to the store where I bought it called A Time for Children on the upper westside of Manhattan. The store is amazing because not only is it filled with the most adorable children's clothes, books, and toys, BUT, they donate 100% of the profits to the Children's Aid Society, a charity which has been helping New York's children and families in need since 1853. They were out of monkeys, so we got 2 brown owls, and a tiger. I totally would have bought the three pack if they had it! When Jake starts to be able to tell the difference between owls and monkeys, I'll have to search further!

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