Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Diary

I started a baby book for Jake (as any new mother SHOULD)...but the pressure! And then I messed it up, and skipped a month, and put the wrong month in the third month, and then there was really no going back from there. Which is RIDICULOUS because I have designed MANY baby books during my career. But, I wasn't even using one of the baby books I designed. I think BEING a designer will make it entirely impossible for me to ever come up with the perfect baby book for Jake. So, Jake has a diary that I fill in from time to time. It's got a plastic cover, and I got it from B&N. Basic, totally non-babyish (and I'm not even using an engagement calendar that I designed either!) But anyway it works, and if I mess up, there's no pressure....I cross it out, no problem. AND, it means that one of these days when I get around to creating the PERFECT baby book, I'll hopefully have all the important info. And, if nothing else, Jake will know what he did from week to week when he can read. Which might be tomorrow. He's gifted.

This baby book above from Molly West is what I might be looking for. My sister used it for her daughter who has the most excellent baby book on the planet because my sister is an illustrator. She illustrated, and hand wrote the whole thing. She has more patience than I do when it comes to things like this. But, I would have been a little picky, and glued another ribbon over that flowered ribbon on the spine. Maybe ribbon with sailboats.

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Auntie M said...

Auntie will be happy to make Jake the
perfect baby album. And, I think Molly West may have ones that are more boyish with sailboats, although I'm sure he'll cherish his Mommy Diary more. I have just painted him in Quincy Market getting a mint chocolate
chip ice cream cone with Auntie. Where are you anyway?