Friday, May 28, 2010

Dreaming with the Dream Jam Band!

Francine Wheeler is a singer for The Dream Jam Band. She's the wife of a talented designer that I work with, and I'm so excited about the release of their new kid's album, Leave it in the Soup! They've been working on this album for awhile. I played this youtube link for Jake this morning, and he clapped along and swayed with the excellent review from a 2-year-old!

To read more about Francine, and The Dream Jam Band, read this article about Francine featured in Parents Magazine! (She's famous!) The songs are lively and upbeat...I have to say that I liked the youtube video just as much as Jake did! Front row seats please!


Minnie said...

Thank you for the suggestion. Will have to check them out. I haven't heard of them, and we're always on the lookout for something besides our usual Laurie Berkner, which we love but we need some variety.

Cristin said...

I will have to go check The Dream Jam Band out! Thanks!

I am so glad you had a wonderful vaca. The ad is pulled by Google... I wish I was headed somewhere exotic. Does Florida count? :-)


PS - just had a fun author come to my daughter's lit day. She wrote the book, Meerkat's Safari. So cute!