Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi Everyone,
I'm back posting after a couple busy weeks. We went on our first family vacation to Eleuthera, a small island off the coast of Bahamas which was incredibly beautiful. Then, after I got home, I spent two days at the Surtex Show in NYC. The show, which is part of the National Stationery Show, is full of talented artists and designers specializing in print and pattern design. My focus there is to find designs to be used journals, notecard, gift bags, bookmarks, and various other gift products. Above is a sneak peek of my office, and some of the designs we purchased there. Each year, I love hanging the art in my office and reviewing our finds. It's fun to hear what my coworkers like and to discover what their favorites are! More on all this later...I feel like I'm still catching up on my life after our whirlwind of activity!


Janis Nicolay said...

I wish I had seen that show as well! I'm going to have to check it out next year when I go to the ICFF. I would loved to have met you!

Minnie said...

Wow, those patterns are so pretty. I would love to see more of them up close. They could even make nice wallpaper.

It sounds like you've had a couple of really busy weeks. I hope you and your family had a great and relaxing time on that island. It sounds like a dream. Glad to have you back.

Wendy MacFarlane said...

Great to see the Safari Cows now have a good home on your wall.
Good to see you at the Surtex Show,
have a great time developing the art work.