Monday, May 3, 2010

Aren't Flowers Cool?

One of my best friends came for a quick visit from Oregon last week and gave me these gorgeous flowers. Aren't they lovely? If you look closely, you will see what beautiful works of art they really are...not just the arrangement, but up close as well. I played around with them for about two minutes in Photoshop...see what cool effects you can make? 

This is adding a simple "cut out" filter to the two original photos:

And this is the effect you can get using the "poster edges" filter. I think this turns the original photos into the style of some old botanical prints that I've seen somewhere:

Thanks for the visit and the flowers (and the Jumbo and bath toys) Melinda and family! It was great seeing all of you. Shall I blow these up to super-sized prints for your house???

P.S. I know I promised to post more cool things my sister has made, but my photography just doesn't do them justice. I'll play around a little more and try to post again about her fabulousness this week!


Mary Ann said...

wow, that is awesome! love the different effects. have a great week. verbena cottage

Minnie said...

I agree. Those are beautiful flowers and those Photoshop effects create great art. Makes me want to go out and get Photoshop.

Melinda said...

fab flower pix! fab visit too! :0)