Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jake's room in my other life

I love the way Jake's room came out when we decorated it. It was the first room we actually "finished" in the house...mostly because of my pregnancy nesting desperation. But, every now and then I come across bedding, or prints, or SOMETHING that makes me wonder what his room would have turned out if we had found other things at the time of decorating, or if we were living in a different place.

I was scrolling around a fun art site tonight called 20 x 200 . Maybe I'm late on the game, but this site is filled with really great/different art from many different artists. Here's what they have to say, "As we see it, there are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who'd like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other." It's a belief I've always shared. They offer limited edition prints in many different sizes...so that anyone can afford a piece they love. The prices range from $20 for a smaller print to much larger prints over $2000. Prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity, and are signed by the artist.

So, I can imagine living in an amazing double storied loft with super high windows just on the outskirts of SoHo. We're cooler than the Novogratz family (just picture it), and Jake and I meet our friends at Moomah everyday to do fun art projects. He rides his scooter along the Hudson River (and I don't worry he's going to fall off, because I'm just THAT cool). In his room, I've hung a gigantic print of this giraffe:

In my next scenario, my husband and I are writers (he's writing screenplays, and I'm writing chick lit...something I've always secretly thought would be fun) on Cape Cod. We have a really neat restored farmhouse that's very Cape Cod-ish and weathered on the outside, but upgraded on the inside with lots of repurposed materials and tall, beamed ceilings. Jake meets two of his favorite people (my nieces) at the beach and/or playground everyday in the summer and they would get him to do all sorts of crazy things. His nursery is white washed and has this cool and calm print on the wall. I've had the artist enlarge it to fill the entire wall so it's almost larger than real life (even if the artist would actually do this...this is just a fantasy, remember!):

Or, we're living in the South End in Boston. We have a quaint, restored townhouse with a garden in the back (which we can actually manage to take care of by ourselves). I have many arty friends who Jake and I meet for morning snacks, and in my spare time, I decorate apartments and boutique hotels. In our townhouse, Jake's room isn't huge, but it's very Red Sox red, white and blue. The artist has kindly enlarged this fun bicycle print to hang over Jake's crib:

In reality, I've left work early today, and have been tending to my adorable, hyperactive child who has managed to get about 8,000 bug bites (because he's just THAT yummy) in the last several days (because his mother cringes at the thought of spraying chemical ridden bug spray on him that I will find out does horrible things to him in 5 years) and who also hasn't napped in 3 days. Did I mention I'm a little delirious?


paula said...

LOVE the giraffe. how darling is he.

Minnie said...

Great post. I found myself smiling and nodding yes at your descriptions. I am totally drawn to that image of the swing. An oversize print of that would look great in so many rooms.

Ah, our fantasies ... but aren't these often the seeds for our dreams?

Hope little Jake is feeling better soon. By the way, you don't seem delirious at all!

Minnie said...

Oh by the way, I just went to the 20 by 200 site. Thanks for refreshing my memory about that site because I think I was there before and then forgot about it. I'm really enjoying their blog, too.