Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dining Room

I'm happy to say that my house rot is now cured, thanks to the handy handyman! So, despite the super large tree branch that fell in our yard last night that will now need to be removed, I'm trying to think about the FUN part of decorating our house. It's good to have a plan, (since for the moment, it's not all going to happen at once), so I put together what I'd like for the dining room. 

I love the look of the modern Eames chairs with the traditional wood table. My husband has totally burst my design bubble over the chairs though, stating that they look incredibly uncomfortable. I don't think they'd be design classics if they WERE so uncomfy, would they? We'll have to go sit in one and see for ourselves!

Table from Room & Board, lights by Paul and Galbraith, Eames chairs from All Modern, sisal rug from Pottery Barn.


annechovie said...

love those light fixtures, Heather!

jacqueline said...

Yipee glad the handyman helped you with your house problems! :) I adore those lovely lamps so much! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

Minnie said...

Eeek! I missed all your house rot tales but happy to see the saga is over for you and now you're able to move on to the fun part of decorating. We had Eames-like chairs growing up and I don't remember them being too uncomfortable, though I prefer plush Parsons chairs for long chatty dinners.

Cristin said...

Love the G&P lighting fixtures.