Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tea for two

I've recently been drinking this great Revolution Tea for breakfast, and absolutely love it...my favorite is the Earl Grey Lavender. Each tea bag comes individually wrapped in these cute little boxes, that you just want to save. Unfortunately I spilled some in my keyboard at home last week. The ZERO key is pretty sticky as a result...oops!


Melissa A. said...

I first tasted this tea when I was visiting my sister in Arizona. I loved it so much I had to order some when I came home and still order it every so often. I have not been able to find it here in Washington State. I love the tropical green tea.

Melinda said...

Check out Tea Forte' too, it comes in cute pyramidal shaped sachets. Melissa, check out Whole Foods, I'm sure I've seen this tea there in Oregon, it must be in Washington too.