Monday, September 7, 2009

Waiting by the phone...

I feel like a teenager at the moment...jumping when the phone rings...wishing, hoping HE'll call! Will he? Won't he? How many messages can I leave him without seeming like a stalker? Maybe he went away over Labor Day? Should I call again on Tuesday? Wednesday? 

Handyman, oh handyman, where for art thou?

I'm in complete "back-to-school" mode (although I'm not actually going back to school) and am ready to take on about one thousand household and personal projects. But, before I can truly begin to tackle some of my more major house issues, I really need the handyman to call and set a date! 

Top two log books designed by me; third image from top: notepad by: John Hill Jr. Shop; T-shirt by: Jam Jam Tees