Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Series: Meredith Nelson

One of the best things about blogging is all the cool, creative "friends" that you meet along the way. One of the friends I've met, Meredith Nelson has just started her own photography business specializing in portraits and candid shots of children. As a new(ish) mom who is constantly trying to take cute photos of my son, I truly admire her talent, and realize how difficult it is to get good, non-blurry photos of kids. I asked Meredith to share some of her experiences as a mom of two adorable boys, and as an's what she has to say!

1. How do you juggle your time between your new business and your two busy boys?
Right now, I take advantage of naptimes, bedtimes, and very early mornings alone. I am a morning person, so I don't mind being up before the sun.

2. What made you decide to start your own business right now?
This is something I have wanted to do for several years. But, for many reasons, it just wasn't the right time for my family. This fall, my youngest son is starting a nursery school program three mornings a week, so I figured I could dedicate that time to working.

3. Can you offer any tips how amateur photographers like me can take good photos of wiggly children? 
Children can be hard to photograph! The first thing I would suggest is a faster shutter speed. no matter if you are using a DSLR or a point and shoot, there are settings to adjust the shutter speed. Sometimes the setting icons look like a runner, or a child's head. Just turn the dial and keep it there while photographing your little ones. That should help with fast moving kids. Another photography resource that I love is There is a lot of information for all abilities and it is very user-friendly. 

To see more of Meredith's photos and to see what she's been up to lately, (the circus party she had for her son is darling!), visit her blog. Her business is based in Marblehead, MA just north of Boston. So, if you would like some great photos of your family, consult her website here!

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Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Thanks so much Heather for the feature! I really appreciate it!