Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreams Do Come True!

My friend Carol is a great fan of "visualizing" what you would like in your life...and making it come true. Several years ago, Carol had a super-cool job doing product development for Barnes and Noble. She flew all over the world sourcing materials and products for journals and gift items. She loved the job, but called it her "golden handcuffs". Her dreams were a little more personal than what B&N could offer.

Several Labor Days ago, on a super long drive back from the Cape, Carol told me everything she wanted in her life...she wanted to start her own company, she wanted to get married, and she wanted a baby. I am proud to say that within two years, with a lot of guts, and determination, those dreams were hers. 

She met her husband-to-be within three months of our conversation. By the following Labor Day, she had quit her cool job at B&N, bought a car, and drove cross country to start her own business, and to live with her husband-to-be. Then, by the next Labor Day, she was pregnant with her adorable little boy.

With many ups and downs, her business, International Arrivals is thriving, her products are great, and she has been able to pursue her passion for traveling (often with her family in tow!). Three cheers for Carol! I'm a life-long fan!

And, if you're in back-to-school mode, I strongly recommend the bubblegum scented SMENCILS (scented pencil!)...also available in pens!


jacqueline said...

Your friend, Carol, is sooo talented! scnted pencil and pens sounds yummie! Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

PS~Erin said...

My daughter is a Smencil addict! She only allots seconds to the time her smencils can be out of their case, as to preserve their scent. Funny!