Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keeping It Lovely

Nicole, a very accomplished designer (of Smart & Lovely), blogger (of Making it Lovely fame), entrepreneur (of Pink Loves Brown), and inspiration to me, is expecting a baby girl soon. She and her husband have created a simply beautiful home for themselves which can be seen in detail on her blog which progresses their efforts to make their home...well..."lovely". As many new parents, Nicole has recently mentioned a concern about what a challenge it will be to keep her house inundated with "primary colored plastic objects".

In her own style, and as a new mother and designer with similar concerns, I've created some ideas for her...which I call "Keeping it Lovely". Fortunately, Nicole is having a girl, so her love of pink can hopefully extend to the future generation. UN-fortunately "baby pink", and "Nicole pink" may not be quite the same.

My first bit of advice is CANVAS STORAGE BINS of any sort. You can't (and really won't want to after all) NOT succumb to the primary color/plastic issue. BUT, you can chuck in all in a storage bin at the end of the day. (Not that I am advising anything new to Nicole who has THE most well-organized closet I've ever seen). 

The pink wiggle mat is TOO pink, but it IS wonderful to watch as your baby starts to reach, and then turn over on it. So, if you must have one...perhaps pink won't be too toxic? And, the swing. Your lifesaver. If you hope to get any work done in the first 6 months of baby's life...get the swing. The sling/wrap...I can see you wearing it. My baby was wiggly (and too heavy) from day one, so I never had one, but most of my friends have loved it. The piggy bank...never too early to start a college fund. All my lose change gets dumped in. When Jake is a year, I'm going to open him a bank account. I think my husband will be surprised how much money I've stashed away!

The "pair and a spare" monkey blankets...I've blogged about here. Can't recommend them enough. Nicole's baby might prefer a different creature. Also, I can see Nicole carrying the cute diaper bags/diaper holders from Etsy store owners. I would also advise maybe a rug pad under that great Madeline Wienrib rug she has in the living room. Newly standing babies tend to fall A LOT (ouch!).

So, good luck Nicole, I can't wait to read more of your blog, and am excited to read about your ventures into new motherhood...welcome!

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becoming-mom said...

Great post, Nicole is a mutual blog friend. I could have used this advice a few months back when I caved went over to the dark side (of plastic!) :)