Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the Birds

When we purchased our house, we inherited about 10 bird houses from the previous owners that are scattered all over our property. They're darling, and probably hand/home-made. However, some of them have fallen into disrepair over the last couple winters. Perhaps we'll try to give them a spring cleaning, or try adding a few of our own. Here are a that might give some lucky birds a new home! To locate , find them here:
Top right: Das Rote Paket
Middle left: Bacon Square Farm
Middle center: Bacon Square Farm
Middle right: Old Crow Farm
Lower left: Das Rote Paket
Lower right: Nathan Payne Art


Rachel said...

Those are adorable!

Anonymous said...

HI Heather,
I love your blog!
Love, Rooooooooooooooooth