Monday, February 9, 2009

A River Runs Down It

So, the lights I ordered arrived...and while the 13" light is great for the bottom of the stairs, the two ADDITIONAL 13" lights I ordered for the upstairs are ridiculously huge. I even cut out a sample to measure before purchasing...I was so sure. But no. Way too big, and it would look like a well-lit stadium in the hall. So, back they go, and of course the sale is over. So much for my big bargain. AND, the rug...we were able to take this sample home...I like it, but perhaps it's a little too wide? Ricardo is NOT liking it (ergh). I could order 7 of the 2'x3' rugs and have them installed which might be tricky, BUT. I can't even tell you how discouraged I am!

1 comment:

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I like it and I don't think it's too wide. I adore ticking striped runners!