Sunday, February 8, 2009

Viva La Palm Springs!

Leah Hennen of the super-fun blog More Ways to Waste Time wrote a great post about her trip to Palm Springs. I've never wanted to go there, but her fun pictures of the places she visited make me want to hang out with her for the day and have drinks in all the cool hotels she photographed.

One of the photos Leah took of the Jonathan Adler designed Parker has given me inspiration. Jake's "playroom" is sort of a den/sunroom that was probably once a porch that has been converted to a room. It has what is really a second front door to the house (which everyone ends up using as the main front door, because it's the first one you come to). It's a terrific window-filled, sunny room that has a nice stone porch off the front, and faces our garden in the back. The room has a few issues that I need to deal with...but that's another story. 

There's a shelf above the front door that runs the width of the room. I've never known what to put up there, but I think the collection of colored glass vases and jars in the photo might look pretty fun. Thoughts? Something else? Would I risk having them crash on visitor's heads? And, yes, I know, those are still the plastic $5 faux blinds I bought the week we moved into the house.


Leah said...

A colorful collection of vintage wooden toys would also be fun on that shelf, as well as thematically appropriate for the space.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these pics- now I have some design inspiration too!

Auntie M said...

No, you shouldn’t put meaningless glassware up there, you should put family heirloom bells (might also serve as a good burglar alarm) and/or jars of sand from every beach Jake has visited. Or, how about Jake’s monkey collection since it’s his playroom, or a nice collection of frogs or your collection of dolls that daddy brought us. Or tiles from interesting places you’ve been to.