Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bench Cushion

We got this great bench from Pottery Barn over a year ago, and I keep meaning to make a cushion for it. I've been playing around with a couple fabric ideas.

I've had this fabric from Maine Cottage for awhile that I thought I would use in another project that didn't work out:

It looks nice on the bench, but I think this pop of red would be more fun (fabric from Company C):

On further thought, I think the fabric from Maine Cottage would look better on a seat cushion for my office chair. It ties in nicely w/ the subtle colors from the rug:

I'd like to trim both cushions with some type of piping/cording. I'm no expert at that, but I'll just have to play around with it. Now, I just have to find the right foam for the cushions, and another project will be underway!

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Minnie said...

I'm enjoying the ongoing office decorating process because your office looks so nice and calm. I agree that fabric will make a nice cushion for your office chair and that red fabric will add a nice pop of color and a touch of fun to that bench.