Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Easter to You!

Last year, I designed The Sweet Little Book of Cupcakes written by the talented bakers of Sweet, a popular cupcake shop in Boston and Cambridge. One of my favorite photos in the book was of these Easter cupcakes. I'm a little afraid of the whole fondant concept, so I think I'll be making an Easter bunny cake instead. I bought the cake mold from William Sonoma several years ago, and I've had two successful attempts with it, and one big flop that left me running out to a bakery at the last moment. The key is to get the cake thick, and let it cook completely.

Here are is a peek at the book:

P.S. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much my son Jake likes pink. I found this adorable shirt at Crewcuts. I've never tried their clothes for him before, so I'm hoping it will fit well when it arrives! He'll be so handsome, won't he? I just love dressed up kids for Easter. Don't you?

Happy Easter everyone!

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