Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Bedroom

I recently stumbled upon this image of a guest bedroom while looking through past issues of Lonny Magazine. The room is in the house of Marlien Rentmeester and was designed by Hilary Thomas. It sparked my interest because it seems so simple, and put together...and achievable.

Although the individual elements in this room are not what I would personally choose, I was inspired to get a similar look and feel for our guest room. I think the room that Hilary Thomas designed looks very inviting, sophisticated, yet fun and relaxing. I've been a little all over the map recently in the number of projects I want to do, and have very limited time. So, having the inspiration photo is keeping me on track and motivated to add a little sparkle to our currently very boring room! Here's how our guest bedroom looks now (very dull I'm afraid!):

I made a trip to Calico Corners the other night, and came across some similar fabric to my inspiration photo in a different colorway:

I also found these nice fabrics by Thom Felicia (also from Calico Corners) that would coordinate well...yet not be too "matchy matchy"...pillows perhaps?

I love the look of the bedspread in the photo, but don't want to spend a gajillion dollars for it. Pottery Barn has a simpler, yet similar look. Or, I could add ribbon trim to a white bedspread to jazz it up, but occasionally, my husband is right...I don't have to make everything myself (and thus make it more complicated and unfinished). Simple is good (and done!). So, Pottery Barn is looking good! (Blue of course, not brown):

I like the light colored walls in the photo, but we have beadboard trim which goes halfway up the wall. I played around in photoshop w/ a paint color idea, and it's not bad. But, I'm still will be best to wait until I finish the roman shades to see what will work best. Also, my husband suggested switching the painting that's above the bed to something more modern looking...I just stuck a recent photo from our trip to Mexico in my Photoshop rendering.

Once I borrowed the fabric, I tacked it over the windows, and took some photos. I find when I do this, and look at the images on the computer, it gives me a new/different/helpful perspective. In this case, it was the added boost I needed to place my order!

The fabric should be coming this week, and I hope I get a little spare time soon to start! Now, who's coming to visit?


Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Great fabric selections for your guest room! Love the idea of the suzani for the Roman shades.


Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Great post, Heather! Love the fabrics you picked up too!

I feel the same way: I need to take a photo and review the room on the computer (might be a sign that I spend waaaay too much time in front of a screen!)... but it helps me make design decisions too. :) Good luck with the rest of the guest room!