Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mustaches...funny or tres passe?

Part of my job is to spot trends. If you look around, you can hardly miss mustaches popping up all over just about anything. My boss was surprised...mustaches? Really? Well, just look. I'm not sure if the trend is now on a downward spiral, but if you ask me, a fake mustache is usually funny. What do you think? Is there room in the market for another mustache item?

This trend has certainly covered all the major product categories...

(From top left, clockwise: Booties: Pleasantly Plump Knits; Onesie: BK Chic Boutique; Pacifier: Piquant Designs;  Print: Sugar Fresh)

Home Decor:
(From top left, clockwise: Print: ReStyle; Digital transfer on Pillow: Black & White Designs; Glass: Bread & Badger)

(From top left, clockwise: Straws: Sew and Such; Mustaches on a Stick: Loriii; Fake Mustaches: Amazon)

Personal Style:
(From top left, clockwise: Necklace and Ring: Supermarket; Carstache: Urban Outfitters; Shirt: Red Brick Wall)

(From top left, clockwise: Note cards: Screw You, Martha!; Pencils: Crib Candy; Journal: Sass and Peril; Pen: Seltzer

P.S. Jake is lucky he's not a baby anymore. I'd definitely be pushing one of those pacifiers on him!

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Melinda C said...

I think the boys in my high school in the 80s started the trend, my girls just giggle when the see the mustachioed 17 year olds in my yearbooks!