Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simple and Cute

Birds Linen Pillow cover - 14x14
Chicken Pillow Cover - 16x16

I was browsing through Etsy today, and came across these darling pillows by Sukan. Every now and then I see something, and wish I'd come up with the idea myself! So instead, I'll just share her lovely creations with you!


kalanicut said...

Oh that flower pillow is just lovely. I am always inspired by applique, have bought books & gathered ideas and still haven't done anything with it. It's time to start playing around with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Minnie said...

I could spend hours browsing Etsy shops! I do have too many pillows but I'm always dreaming up new designs in my head. From these you've shown us, I like the kite one for my son's room and the flowered one for my bedroom or home office.

Melinda C said...

These are just adorable, especially the birds on the wire!