Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a new pet!

Last week was a baaaaad week for cars! One of ours decided basically to call it quits, AND, a good friend of mine from Boston broke down in her car while driving from Washington DC back to Boston. The upside for me was a fun, unexpected visit. It was a little hectic due to our own car chaos, but great to see her.

As a thank you surprise, she sent Jake this awesome beaver puppet . The truth is, we've been searching all over for a "beva puppet" as Jake calls it because his music teacher has one, and he has decided that most retailers must SURELY sell "beva puppets". We've searched Home Depot, Stop & Shop, Target, and any other store we happen to find ourselves in (note...most of the stores I mention provide CARTS to contain small child! Notice the shopping trend? I'll have to suggest adding carts to Anthropologie. I guarantee their business would increase!)

I surprised Jake when he came home tonight by using the box the puppet came in as a sort of stage. I had my hand in the puppet underneath the box, and had him open the box. He was scared at first, but then thought it was the funniest thing ever! He's now upstairs sleeping with our new pet.

Thanks Alisa!

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Minnie said...

That's such a cool puppet. My kids would go crazy for one of those. They love puppets, especially big furry ones like this one. How funny Jake is sleeping with it. I guess it's his buddy!