Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was THIS close...

To finally choosing a rug for my office! Remember this one from Company C ?

I loved it. Cheery happy colors, really comfy, BUT I had to admit, too small for the space. It was just floating in the middle of the "room" which is connected to our kitchen, and surrounded by semi-functional cabinets and shelves (the problem is they're all not deep enough, but as they are built in, they're not going anytime soon!). Other than a desk and filing cabinet, there's not much else in the space, so the rug looked odd. Also, I have a rolling chair at my desk, so a thinker rug is a little more difficult. I decided to look for a cotton, or dhurrie rug which would be thinner.

I went to ABC Carpet and Home last week to check out the Madeline Weinrib Atelier for cotton rugs. I found a couple on-line that I thought might work, so I was CONVINCED I would be driving home with my new rug. I was on a mission...

This was not to be. First of all, the salesman was a snot. Excuse the childish comment, but he was. They didn't have any of the rugs in the color or size that I wanted, and he impatiently tried to get me to take red, or orange, or whatever. Hello? I thought I was looking for something in blue please! And, these rugs are nice, BUT they are really thin...almost like a floor mat, and definitely not cheap for the price. If your budget would allow, I would much more recommend the wool rugs which are beautiful.

I was then sent across the street to the carpet section where they were more helpful, but it got overwhelming, and entirely "too much". I almost bought one in yellow (I thought I was looking for blue?) just to get it over with, but smartly walked away. Well, truthfully, that was more my husband's idea since he hates it when I return things!

SO, then I found this lovely rug on-line at William Sonoma Home which is now on sale.

The colors worked, seems perfect. I ordered it and it arrived yesterday...yay! I put it down, it looked great's a "crewel" stitched rug and it is very soft that it might as well be a knitted sweater. It won't wear well, and we practically slid across the floor on it. Even my husband wanted to return it, so it's going back.

My hunt continues. I think I've looked up just about every cotton rug on the planet by this point, and I've now become so picky that I hate them all. Or, maybe I'm just tired of looking.

Back to the quick trip to the city...on a more cheerful note, I wandered into a great paper store on 18th St. between 5th and 6th. I canNOT for the life of me remember the name of it, but it's big, and it's great, and if you're in the area, you should definitely go. Right up front was a nice display of notecards I've designed and/or art directed. So, that was a happy sight!

And for friends and family who really just read my blog for chance photos of he is with Dora and the Bronx Zoo. Fun 4-D movie with special glasses. Lots of fun! Now, off to bed so I can keep up with him tomorrow! He's a busy boy!


paula said...

Rug shopping can be so hard. I hope you find one soon. Have you checked they have some gorgeous martha stewart rugs that are stunning. I think they had some in blue too.

Minnie said...

Oh, that's too bad that store didn't have what you were looking for in your size. I've always had a fondness for Angela Adams rugs but they can be pricey so it's best to try to find them on sale. Or on Ebay. Good luck finding the right rug. I know that can make all the difference in creating the room you want.