Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy + Chic Jonathan Adler

This weekend, I visited my first Jonathan Adler store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I've been a fan of his for awhile, and love his quirky, fun, sense of style (I think we would be friends!). It was such a treat to see all of his merchandise put together in such a whimsical way in his store. I loved seeing what he paired with his funky, classic rugs and his unique furniture, and decorative vases and the sheer style of it all. It made me wonder...just how "happy and chic" would you go in your own home? Would you buy Chippendale chairs in funky colors? And pair them with a different colored geometric rug? Would you glam in up with some metallic wallpaper?

Personally, (being a somewhat new homeowner), I tend to fall on the conservative side...not wanting to make any decisions which I'll be sick of after a few months. But, if I had the time, and money, I'd love to just go to town and see what happens. As it is, I'll be lucky to have an office rug that I can live with by the time the holidays roll around!

Here are a few interior shots from the Jonathan Adler website that I particularly liked.

I also really like his pairing of chair and pendant lamp fabrics. I find both these spaces so cheery!

And, the next time I'm in Palm Springs (which will also be my first time there), I'd love to stay at the Parker. Would you like to come with me?

And, if you'd like to read a fun timeline/bio of Jonathan (we're on a first name know...since we're going to be friends!) click here . I always like to read about people who are just so crazy creative, that they simply can do nothing else but fly in that direction. I wish I knew at least 50 people like that in real life!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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Minnie said...

I'm in awe of Jonathan Adler's "happy chic" style. I have his book and find myself attracted to even his craziest combinations. My husband is a little more conservative when it comes to decor so I try to keep my Adler-inspired ideas in check!