Monday, June 28, 2010

Against all odds...

It seems as though I may actually have a garden this year. I was a little late in planting, and decided to make a fun afternoon of it with Jake. We went to the nursery and bought lots of pink plants (his favorite color), and came home and started planting (every two-year-old needs his own gardening gloves!). The activity lasted about 15 minutes before Jake got tired of it, and a little jealous that mommy was spending more time planting the flowers than playing with him. So, after stomping on a few of the poor buds, he announced, "my have idea!" and trundled off. I thought (hoped) that he would have fun washing his little fire truck (a new favorite activity), but he came back with his plastic tennis racket which he proceeded to whack the flowers with.

So, that was the end of that activity. I then worked around his need-for-mommy time, and planted before he woke up, and after he went to bed. If everything spreads in a bit, I think we will have a very lovely garden...despite the odds!

This year, I planted mostly flowers. I've been a little too ambitious in the two previous summers we've been in this house, and think that the care it takes to produce veggies will happen a couple years from now. For the moment, I'll just have pretty please!


Minnie said...

Awww, it is so hard to do any sort of decorating/home stuff with little ones around since they have such short attention spans and constant need for play. I do try to plant with my kids every once in a while but only one or two plants at a time, which doesn't really make for a garden but they love seeing how their plants grow. I hope your garden grows beautifully for all your efforts.

paula said...

Is this your yard? gorgeous.