Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wellfleet Waters

I've been spending time on Cape Cod (one of my most favorite places on earth) with my family and I stumbled across this cute fabric created by two sisters who spent their summers on the Cape. They started their fabric company, Wellfleet Waters, having been inspired by their childhood memories. I know that much of my creativity has been inspired and nurtured by spending my childhood summers on the Cape. The freedom to explore and create was a daily part of our lives here.

This fabric would make a great covering for a beach chair, right? Also...love the beach bags. I actually accosted a woman on the beach today to ask here where she got her great beach bag. But that's another little obsession better saved for a later date!


Rachel Follett said...

These are so fun and colorful! I can definitely see the cape cod inspiration. :)

Rae Grant said...

Beautiful fabric, especially the orange color. I want it! The bag is so cute. Hope you are enjoying nice summer weather.

liz meehan neighbors said...

Beautiful quality fabrics! DREAM COLORS!
2 sisters....1 great idea