Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Summer Come Today!

Rae Grant, author of Cooking Fun and Crafting Fun has generously shared some great ideas for kids from her books that just get me thinking about warm summer days filled with fun and laughter. Click the top two images above to make yummy Lemon Fizz, or Honey Orange Spritzer, AND to make some bubbles! I know Jake is going to have fun with this!

Rae Grant is working on a new book, AND has now started her own blog! Welcome her to the world of blogging, and leave a comment if you can! learn more about this interesting author/designer, read the interview here!


Maya said...

I had a lot of fun with bubbles when I was a kid! Simple magic.

Carolyne said...

I love those books! I have both of them, and they are great little resources.

rae Grant said...

I haven't tried this but am wondering if red and blue dye would make red bubbles?