Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knock Knock

I always smile when I come across one of the humorous (and often useful) products from KNOCK KNOCK. And, I often have the reaction..."what a great idea...I wish I'd thought of that!".

I love that sticky note cube of the sticky cereal. So clever, right? And, I'm thinking I may need to own one of these Home Organizer Kits. We inherited one from the previous owners which just really doesn't actually contain any helpful information. It would have been handy, for instance, to know who their plumber was when our basement flooded with six inches of water on Christmas Eve. Or, perhaps how old the dryer was...the one with the parts that were cleverly glued together.

So, now that I'm on a bit of a seems like everyone loved the people who lived in our house before. They were wonderful, they took such good care of the house, etc. Someone even said to me, "Oh, you live in Mrs. Former Owner's beautiful house". "No," I wanted to say, "I live in MY beautiful house."

The problem is, our view of these people is much less than wonderful. I don't quite know how to respond when I hear people telling me of their wonderfulness. They left the house FILTHY. Which I find odd. They lived here for 22 years, and we (unfortunately) bought the house at the height of the market, so they received a very good price for it. You'd think that they would have felt that they owed it to the house to clean it up to say good bye (or maybe that's me just being sentimental). They also, clearly, "designed to sell", and covered up a lot of things like rotting wood around columns outside, glued together appliances, and a bathroom floor that I suspect is slowly leaking underneath. Not to mention much bigger issues that have cost thousands of dollars. Yes, we had a home inspector, and yes, we probably would have bought the house anyway, but I don't like the trickery. Or, the fact that the excitement of moving into our first house was diminished by having to clean their filth.

OK, I'll stop...I'm getting worked up. I think I'll just head up to OUR bedroom and get a good night's sleep!


Maya said...

Love the clips that say read, send..., I could use those! Regarding your home. Interesting that your home inspection didn't reveal any of these things though. But it's in the past now, right.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

The Fruit Loops on the sticky notes is my favorite. Too cute! I haven't been to the Knock Knock website for awhile. They're so clever.

Very interesting about the people who lived in your house before you! I think I would be SO tempted to tell my new neighbors how they left the house. Sounds to me like they were "all about appearances" people and had everyone fooled.

When we moved into our first house, we were stunned to discover that they had covered HUGE red stains (not blood, but looked almost like paint--we never figured it out) under throw rugs and furniture. We had to immediately replace much of the flooring, which we hadn't planned on. Little things like that do leave a sour taste in your mouth for the former owners, I know!

journeyaround said...

I guess you never know what people are hiding in their closets until you have to clean them out.

mamaloves said...

Hi lovely. I had to take a second and stop by to say hi. I can't wait to catch up on all the goodness of your blog late next week. I love the sticky notes too.

For Your Inspiration said...

I just love office supplies...and I laughed out loud at the story about your house. I wonder if the former owners were related to the former owners of my old house!