Friday, April 10, 2009

Wreaths...dorky or pretty?

As I've finally decided to take down our Christmas wreaths, I'm sort of missing something on each of our two front doors. While I think these wreaths are very pretty and seem welcoming, I'm not sure they're "us" (not that we're not welcoming!). Our house is cute...sort of cottage-ish, but our taste is just a little more modern. I do like the forsythia wreath. and the pussy willow wreath...they seem a little more natural-looking to me, and might fit in with the plantings around our house. Anyone have any ideas?

(wreaths 2 and 3 are from Williams-Sonoma, wreaths 4 and 5 are from Smith and Hawken)


paula said...

I keep on going round and round on this one. Currently I do have a twig one on my door. Oh, and mine was from Christmas minus the ornament, ha! Happy Easter.

twin2trip said...

I think it just depends. I'm with you on liking the ones that are a little more natural-loooking.

I've had my eye on a cute little square one made of bright green moss.

Anonymous said...

I like the pussy willow wreath the best.

cipriano said...


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I personally love wreaths, I think they say welcome. How about a square boxwood wreath? Simple and a little more modern with the shape.

shaari said...

Another idea is this square salal wreath (I'd post a pic if I had any idea how...) - try this link:
or this one:
or this one! (metal, painted white - on a site I think you'll like!)