Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty Woman

Yesterday I had to buy a dress to a semi-fancy function that we're going to on Sat. night. It was one of those "Pretty Woman" days.  I NEED a dress, and I have very little time to get it. I ended up going all over the mall and wish I had just started with Anthropologie first. They never disappoint. And they're nice. And they help you. I haven't found Westchester NY to be the world's friendliest place so far, and the Bloomingdale's sales associate's comment of "that dress does nothing for you" didn't change my feelings any! Perhaps she could have helped me out and offered up some alternatives?

Here's what I came up with. Ricardo does not like the red, so the black it is. And, since I'm trying to be more "fabulous" I thought I'd just put that cute little flower clip in my hair.

(Photos from Anthropologie)


paula said...

I love the red dress!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

When I wear a black dress I always like to pair it with a hot, fabulous shoe. Does wonders!