Thursday, April 23, 2009

Could we just get tick collars?

So....we live in an area with LOTS of trees. Our neighbors have LOTS of trees. Our property backs up against a bog where there are LOTS of trees. It's pretty...did I mention that there are LOTS of trees? And ticks?

We had Lawn Dr over the other day to discuss the mess that is our front yard. It was churned to oblivion when our new septic tank was installed earlier this year. Now that it's spring, the mess is even more evident. The Lawn Dr gave us a whole write-up of everything we need to get....including 7 "yards" of topsoil. This is going to cost a LOT. And, he recommended for spraying for ticks. Well...really? Ricardo and I disagree. I think you'd need a lot more than a few squirts of tick spray to keep them at bay. Ricardo says, "Lawn Dr is the expert". I say, Lawn Dr won't be eating our vegetables.

The skeptic in me asks, what good is this going to do? The budding environmentalist in me, asks "why would we want to spritz additional chemicals on the yard that Jake is going to be walking barefoot on?" The blooming gardener in me asks "why do I want this stuff seeping in the soil and into the veggies I'm attempting to grow?"

Thoughts anyone?


paula said...

that's a tough one. I like to go chemical free as possible, but we did end up hiring out to help our yard. I couldn't take the ugliness anymore.

Meredith said...

I am defintiely not a gardener..
but sort of am a "green mommy" What about a non toxic pesticide? Here is one: