Thursday, January 27, 2011

Font Style

When I see certain fonts, they just speak to me, and I will know exactly what type of project they would be perfect for. Some are used sparingly, because they're a little trendy, and will get outdated quickly. Others are timeless classics that I use almost everyday. So, as I've been bemoaning yet another snowstorm and wistfully eyeing spring fashions, I thought it would be fun demonstrate font styles compared with fashion styles. Here are two "looks".

Dollhouse...a fun, flirty, trendy font. The project would be young and spirited. Here's an outfit to match:

Canterbury OldStyle...a classic style which reminds me of an upscale cruise to the South of France. The outfit to match:

As another snowstorm is happening outside, I assume we'll be stuck inside again tomorrow messing up the house which seems to be the norm these days. I also expect to be sick as Jake threw up all over me and most of the living room multiple times when we came home today. Stanley Steamer can not possibly get here fast enough!


Ellie Cutler said...

Both of those are so cute! And the pieces totally match the fonts. What a fun inspiration. I seriously LOVE that Dooney and Burke bag. Love.

paula said...

must say I am oldstyle all the way. Hope Jake feels better soon and that you don't get sick. blah.

Carolyn said...

i'll take the canterbury outfit! cute idea. love a good trench with flats!