Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday (to Doodlebuds)

I seem to have forgotten my blogabirthday! Jan. 10, two years ago, I started this blog! I started off posting almost everyday, and still enjoy going back and re-reading some of my earlier posts. As my child started to go to bed later and later, the posts tapered off a bit, but perhaps I'll have some more surprises in store for you this year!

Thanks for's been fun getting to meet new blog friends, and I appreciate your support!

P.S. I'm still wondering when children (and husbands) sleep through the night. Do they? Ever?

(image ©Magnolia of my favorites!)

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Ellie Cutler said...

Well happy birthday!

No...I don't think they'll ever sleep through the night. My little girl talks in her sleep so even when SHE sleeps...I still wake up when she talks. Good luck with that!