Monday, February 7, 2011

The Winter Duldroms

As predicted, I got the stomach flu with a mighty vengeance. What more can I say about the past week? The good news is that I have finally developed a technique to have my non-napping child nap. And thus, we've had a much more pleasant weekend, and a much more pleasant child.

Between our insane NY winter, the insane sickness, and the insane antics of a non-napping almost three year old, patience and a sense of humor are two things I've been striving for these days! And you?


Elle said...

Heather, so glad you are feeling better now. My twin 2.5 year old girls don't nap either. What's your secret? I would love my girls to nap again:)

Carolyn said...

such a cute picture! I'm sorry you've been sick. Wishing you much humor and patience. :)