Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry friends, I seem to have fallen into a state of bloggers block. Partly due to coming down w/ strep throat and falling behind w/ things, AND partly due to the state of chaos that our house seems to be in due to our basement reconstruction. It's hard for me to think and be creative in the middle of a mess sometimes!

However, times like this can force you into getting motivated, and as I look around my messy office (that has junk from the basement in it!) I'm thinking it's TIME to get this sorted out. I've found some great fabric from Maine Cottage that I'm going to make some window treatments with, and have found some cute coordinating magazine holders and boxes that I think will tie everything together.

I love these boxes for storing Jake's art and special papers that he comes home from daycare with. Even if I can't keep up w/ a scrapbook for him at the moment, I figure if I can jut get it into a cute box, that's half the battle!

I know once our basement is finished that it will make a big difference, and I just need to be patient, but it's been a frustrating, dusty procedure!

Boxes and magazine holders from See Jane Work
Mousepad from Galison
Fabric from Maine Cottage


Cristin said...

The color scheme is beautiful! Break your project into tasks. As you start checking off your task list, you will get more and more motivated to finish. When complete - take time to reward yourself! Keep up the great work.


Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

I hope your chaos get more organized for you soon. I'm sure it must be very difficult. I love your color combo here and those boxes are great. I use them myself.