Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi Friends

I've been busy! Lots of projects, and not much extra blogging time. I find when I'm in the middle of several projects I'm less inspired to blog, which should really be just the opposite!

This rug is on my mind. I ordered it for my office, and I LOVE it...BUT...I think it's the wrong size for my office. It's just a little too small, and the larger size will probably be just a little TOO big. I haven't decided yet whether I should just live with it, or if it will bug me. It just looks a little off. It's really tough to find rugs you love, so I was so excited to find this one. The colors are bright, but not too bright, and altogether very cheery.

I had a more muted oriental type rug down before that was from my former apartment, but it just lacks the pop of color that this rug adds. What to do???

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Cristin said...

Play with both, the furniture arrangement and see what works for you. Sometimes what you think won't work, will. Good luck!