Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Duds

I took a quick shopping trip today to see if I could find a cute outfit for Jake for two Easter festivities that we're looking forward to. As I've mentioned, it's tough to find cute boys clothes (especially when I didn't plan too far ahead!). I bought a cute (but perhaps too preppy) tie and button down shirt from The Children's Place (unfortunately, no photos on-line). If I'd had more time, I would have ordered one of these cute ties from The Belle and The Beau.

I dressed Jake up in his new outfit tonight when I got home (because how could I resist?), and he looked like he was going off to boarding school! I got a little choked up at how big he's getting!

Personally, I much prefer him in this get-up (of his choosing!):

Perhaps if it rains on Easter, we'll just wear the "Duggah" (digger) raincoat, and Curious George boots!


paula said...

How cute! I think I need to check this out further.

Punctuation Mark said...

Such cute photos!!! have a nice weekend!